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We push the norm to reconsider what’s possible. Through a collaborative design process, we bring out our clients’ inner creativity and end up with incredible results.

We definitely chose the most dramatic of Kole Made’s designs; it looks better in reality than it did on paper. Kole Made designed a perfect home!
— Hannah J, client

What we do:

  • Client-driven design: Understanding our clients needs, wants, and personalities and translating that to the built world.

  • Design conceptualization and development from big-picture visions to small finish details.

  • Master-planning to maximize results and get the most out of your budget.

  • Residential, commercial, and product design expertise.

  • 3D modeling of every space so you can actually see the space before it’s built.

  • An understanding of how our design will actually be built, enabling us to add unique design elements to every project.

We began by delivering them a digital of our restaurant... From there, Kole Made took the reigns and began piecing together our furniture design/layout puzzle.
— Mike M, Real Food Eatery