What we do

Our clients know their space could be special and want us to help bring out their inner creativity.  Whether they’re remodeling an old home for modern living, reworking a small apartment to maximize space, or building a new restaurant that will be a hub of the community, they want to push what’s possible in their space to create something beautiful, personal, and functional, and know that their project will proceed on time and on budget.  Whether our clients need our full suite of services or just one or two, we’re here to help them through every stage of the process, offering a range of design, planning, and fabrication options to fit every project.


Layout Design 

Our goal is to understand our clients needs, the unique details, challenges, and opportunities their space provides, and how they want to interact with their space.  By combining these different elements, we’re able to develop a plan for the big-picture layout, flow, and organization that is beautiful, functional, and customized to the client and space itself.  After creating a digital 3D model of the space, our design team then creates several different layout options that meet the clients needs but also push them to reconsider what’s possible in the space.  By reviewing and discussing the initial designs with the clients, we’re start to refine the layout until we arrive at a final plan that they feel great about.


Construction Prep

We help our clients get ready to break ground by assembling the right team for the project and making sure everything is in place and on budget before construction starts. By connecting our clients to our trusted network of builders, tradespeople, artists, architects, and engineers, and breaking down and clarifying the costs that they should expect, we help reduce the guesswork and uncertainty that can often come with starting a new project.  This in-depth planning ahead can identify potential areas for significant savings and limit the downtime on the project, making things go smoother and quicker with fewer surprises once construction begins.


Creative Direction

After figuring out the big-picture elements for the space, we dive into the look and feel to finalize the design.  Through in-depth collaboration between our clients and our design team, we discuss their vision and inspiration for the space and combine their personalities and tastes with Kole’s aesthetic to create a space that feels personal, integrated, and natural.  We identify areas for unique design elements in the space and help guide their selection of materials, fixtures, and finishes, making connections and recommendations for creative material supply sources when necessary. By the end of this phase, our clients feel confident knowing what their space will look like and that everything is lined up before breaking ground.


Project Oversight

We help manage the construction process to make sure that the buildout is going smoothly, that we’re available to address problems as they arise, and that we're there for our clients emotionally during what can be a stressful process.  We coordinate with all necessary parties to make sure the project is proceeding in accordance with the final design and regularly review the on-site work throughout the process.  By being closely involved with the project, we’re able to direct any adjustments and revisions that need to be made and deal with unforeseen issues that may pop up, making sure that they’re in line with the vision for the space.



Our fabrication work is what makes the space really come to life.  Our expert craftspeople build the custom furniture pieces, cabinetry, and built-ins that complete the design, and because our work is done in-house and we’re involved with the project every step of the way, we know that the pieces will be a great fit for the space, both aesthetically and physically.  Whenever possible, we use reclaimed and sustainably harvested woods that have more character and less environmental impact than typical wood, the highest quality hardware on the market, and environmentally-friendly, VOC-free finishes that help keep the space free from harmful chemicals. During fabrication, we invite clients into our process and have them review the work in progress as it's being built so they see how the pieces look, feel, and function, and know that they’re getting exactly what they want.


Get in Touch

Whether you'd like to discuss your project, request a quote, or just talk design-build, we'd love to hear from you.